Excel Nursing Institute Now Offers Nurse Aide and Home Health Aide Training Courses in Pittsfield, MA! 5/20/19-6/10/19

Excel Nursing Institute is proud to offer out Nurse Aide and Home Health Aide Training Courses at our new location in Pittsfield, MA, at 100 Wendell Ave, Suite 1.

In this new training facility, students will learn through aid of lectures, PowerPoint presentations, visual aids such as videos, and hands on demonstrations through our 120-hour nurse aid training program. There will be occasional quizzes and skills will be tested and evaluated.

With the completion of both components students will obtain the necessary training and skills that will prepare them to work as a nurse aide in Massachusetts. Our goal is to develop students to be dependable and certified in the work force.

Once the students have completed the course, they will be prepared to take the state licensing exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Excel Nursing Institute has many connections to hospitals, community residency, nursing homes, and many more!

If you are interested in becoming a CNA please don’t hesitate to call or email us. Come join Excel Nursing Institute for quality training and experience!