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Employee Testimonials About Excel Nursing Services

Our nurses love to work for Excel. Below are a few things they love the most, put in their own words.

“Working for Excel was the best move I ever made! Excel is very flexible and able to schedule my time to fit around my life. I love Excel, they do a great job.”
-Peg, RN

“You are the best! (The agency) was kind and understanding during changes in my life. Excel has the best service for both the client and their personnel. They are fair, friendly, professional, and a joy to work for.”
-Cora, LPN

“Excel rates far above other agencies. Excel offers excel-lent service to employees to meet and satisfy the needs of the employee. They are very efficient. I am very pleased and satisfied.”
-Kit, LPN

“The staff is courteous and flexible and always tries to accommodate my needs. Rebecca is very knowledgeable in all aspects of nursing and business.”
–Portia, LPN

“I recently went back to nursing after 17 years and needed to slowly transition back. Excel accommodated my needs by appropriately placing me at jobs that were just right for me.”
–Cynthia, RN

“Excel is awesome! The entire staff is professional as well as an advocate for you. They care about quality care of the patient and the employee.”
–Katherine, LPN

“Excel places me in the right home care situations. I enjoy the assignments and the flexibility.”
–Sharon, CNA/ Student Nurse

“I worked for another agency in the past. Excel staff outshines all other agency. They provide personalized, knowledgeable and professionalism. I am always, happy to hear their friendly voices. Good people, a variety of settings, and efficiency = Excel!”
- Dawn, RN

“It has been a great pleasure being employed by Excel nursing services. They have a staff of dedicated employees. Everyone is very helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant. Any nurse should be happy to be employed by Excel.”
- Ann, LPN

“Excel is a good quality, friendly nursing service. They are accountable and friendly to work with. Excel is a growing service – that tries to offer many types and places to work- while maintaining personalize services. Good benefits and pay!”
- Kathy, RN

“Since I started working for Excel I have routinely worked the shifts and facilities that I choose. I love this flexibility and appreciate the level of professionalism at Excel Nursing.”
- Ellen, RN

“I am very proud to have been selected to be a member of your working staff. Your office staff is very professional and always on top of things. I love the ability to be placed in different facilities or at this time in one facility. The flexibility is wonderful and the pay rate is top notch. I have been recruited by other staffing agencies and have no desire or need to move to another agency – thanks again for the opportunity.”
- Brendalee, LPN

“For a person wanting to work, Excel is the place. There are many choices in jobs, places, and shifts. Tell them what you want and they will try to accommodate your needs.”
-Portia, LPN

“Although I am well aware of your need to provide excellent service to clients, I’ve never felt that your agency does that at the expense of your employees. I guess you make me fell valued. Thanks.”
- Cynthia, RN

“Excel is easy to work with; provides as many shifts as I need without any issues, many facilities to offer.”
- Donald, LPN

“Excel offers individual personalized attention to one’s needs. Also, flexibility of hours, a variety of job settings, regular pay raises, competitive wages and benefits. P.S. – they also throw a great Christmas party.”
- Michelle, RN

“My life changed for the better when I started working for excel. Make your own hours – Be in control of your own life!!”
- Jeanne, LPN

“After being at two other agencies, one local, one national. Excel is the place for me. You’re not living day to day for scheduling. You have superb people to work with and a terrific selection of work sites.”
- Kit, LPN

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